April 22, 2017

Audio FPR12-04 (MTX) has great ratings


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  • frequency response: 22-150 Hz
  • polypropylene woofer cone with rubber surround
  • Measuring only 3.325″ deep these subwoofers will fit just about anywhere
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PSWI225 Polk Wireless (Black)

Enjoying home theater just became FPR12-04 lots more convenient, thanks to the new PSWi225 Wireless Subwoofer. And because it’s wireless, there aren’t wires to run across a room; it’s compact size (12 1/2″ x 13″ x12 1/2″) frees you to place the PSWi225 where it seems best. One power plug and you’re done. The PSWi225 is the ideal complement to our passive SurroundBar Speaker Series, the SurroundBar360°DVD Theater for those who want more bass, or any of our RM and TSi home theater system packages. The PSWi225 is a fast, easy way to add thrilling home theater bass to your present flat panel TV sound.

BOSS MR101 Marine 10 inch Single Voice Coil (4 Ohm) 600-watt

View bigger Break Your Subwoofer In Much like the engine of a new car, a new subwoofer must go through a short but important procedure of “break-in” before it’s run under severe conditions. The “break-in” procedure will ensure the subwoofer can perform as it was intended to. This procedure involves subjecting the subwoofer to no more than low-to-medium volume levels for some hours in the enclosure. 3-4 hours is usually enough for the subwoofer”s suspension to loosen enough to prevent the voice coil(s) from overheating and causing failure. The break-in period is efficient in extending subwoofer life. Over-driving the woofer before it was properly broken-in will typically result in premature failure and poor performance.

SVS PB13-Ultra – 13.5-inch, 1000 Watt DSP Controlled, Ported Box with Variable Tuning (Piano Gloss)

An SVS-exclusive design, our super 13 driver was uncompromisingly crafted using the highest quality parts, custom-tooled parts, and groundbreaking technologies. Consequently it, delivers an unparalleled mix of extreme output, super-low distortion, and exceptional linearity. The Sledge STA-1000D amplifier is a perfect match for the super-13 driver, packing 1,000 watts of power and sophisticated DSP control. Complete and broad menu alternatives are accessed via an intuitive single-handle interface and easy-to-use, LCD display. This will make your set-up and integration with home theater or stereo system fast and simple. 1000 watts RMS uninterrupted power (3600 watts peak dynamic power). Economical Performance and Versatile Tuning Size makes a big difference if you are out to create the unforgettable experience that only function-built theaters deliver. Big amounts of air have to be moved and stopped with precision. The big cabinet and deep-tuned ports of an SVS ported subwoofer are intended and engineered to do exactly that. They effortlessly reproduce of the deepest bass notes with stunning authority. The PB13-super offers our trademark variable tuning to accommodate different size rooms and deep extension requirementseither as a single subwoofer or part of a dual (or bigger) configuration. Large-flared triple 3. 5" ports for maximum air-flow with no artifacts. 20 Hz, 16 Hz and Sealed variable tuning accommodates all room sizes and deep extension prerequisites. Curved metal grill with secure pin/cup retention system gives high-tech look. Premium Finishes, good looking style, the Defining Theater Product Available in real wood veneer black oak or piano-gloss black, and protected by a curved metal grill (removable) the PB13-super will complement the most upscale dcors and high-end theaters. At 22. 5×20. 5×28 and 155lbs its size makes a declaration all own about the experience its about to deliver.

Pyle 15-Inch PLPW15D s + Vented Box + 2 Channel Amp & Wiring Kit vs FPR-12-04

This package will include: 2 x PLPW15D 15″ Subwoofers 1 x Dual Subwoofer Ported Box 1 x HTG237 2 Channel Lanzar Amplifier 1 x 8 Gauge Wiring Kit Subs will have to be wired and placed into box n – – – – – – – – – – – – The Pyle PLPW15D is a 15-Inch, 2000 (4000W per pair) watt subwoofer intended with the bass lover in mind. This subwoofer will make your music growl in your car or at home, in any kind of enclosure: sealed, vented, or open-air. The black steel basket and non-press paper cone look sleek and the 95 oz. Magnet, 2. 5-Inch four-level dual voice coil, and specially treated bubble surround, make it sound great too. – Black Steel Basket – Non-Press Paper Cone – Dual 4 Ohm blockage 1 purchase = 2 subwoofers The Q-POWER 15″ Dual Heavy responsibility Vented Subwoofer Enclosure features hard 5/8″ MDF construction, charcoal carpet covering, a dual vented design, and terminal cup connectors. Turn your ride into a sound machine with the help of the Q POWER 15″ Dual Heavy responsibility Vented Subwoofer Enclosure. nIf you are wanting to add another increase to your car’s sound system, check out this Lanzar Amplifier. The HTG237 offer 1000 watts of power, a bass booster circuit, line outs for left and right channels and soft turn-off and turn-on. It is bridgeable at four Ohms and has gold RCA inputs for great sound. This digital amplifier is very economical and perfect to power your subwoofer or speakers. This amplifier may be linked at 4 ohms to have the functionality of a monoblock amplifier.

Velodyne 80-EQM12BV EQ-MAX 12-Inch (Black Vinyl)

The EQ-Max 12 features technological novelty at an unbelievable value. The 450 watt dynamic amplifier and down-firing port go as low as 25 Hz while output up to 135 Hz at 3 dB down more rounding out your satellite speakers’ low end. Press the remote’s EQ button to do Auto-EQ, which matches the subwoofer’s bass output to your room’s acoustical characteristics using digital technology and a down-firing port to decrease distortion. Choose the movies, jazz/classical, games, or R&B/rock listening predetermined with one button press. This subwoofer’s black cabinet meshes with most room styles, however just in case it was intended to be built into custom cupboards too.

Klipsch R-115SW Powered with FREE WA-2 Wireless Kit vs MTX Audio FPR12-04 pricing

This Klipsch Wireless Subwoofer Package will include:R-115SW 800W Powered 15″ SubwooferFREE WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit R-115SW 800W Powered 15″ SubwooferThe R-115SW subwoofer is the ideal mix of power sophisticated and heart-pounding bass. Packing a serious punch the R-115SW won’t only wake your neighbors it will piss them off. The way only Klipsch can. R-115SW Highlights:15″ spun-copper Cerametallic wooferAll-digital amplifier delivers 800 watts of dynamic powerFront-firing slot port with exclusive interior flare technology. L/R line-level/LFE RCA inputs for compatibility with most receiversFor a simple wireless connection add an optional Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer KitDimensions: 21. 5″ H x 19. 5″ W x 22. 3″ DBrushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth R-115SW plans:FREQUENCY answer: 18Hz-125Hz +/-3dBMAXIMUM ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 122dBAMPLIFIER: All digitalAMPLIFIER POWER: 400W / 800WDRIVE parts: 15″ (38. 1 cm) long-throw copper spun cerametallic front-firing wooferENCLOSURE MATERIAL: MDFENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass ReflexINPUTS: L/R line-level/LFE RCA jacks Wireless WA-2 PortHEIGHT: 21. 5″ / 54. 61 cmWIDTH: 19. 5″ / 49. 53 cmDEPTH: 22. 3″ / 56. 64 cmWEIGHT: 75. 4 lbs / 34. 2 kgFINISH: Brushed Black Polymer VeneerFEATURES: get Lowpass Phase Auto PowerPHASE: Switchable 0-180 degreesBUILT FROM: 2014 WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer KitPowerful bass is one thing but powerful bass that may be placed anyplace in a room to accomplish the best possible sound is another. Thanks to the new WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit convenient bass enhancement of music home theater and whole-house audio systems is possible. WA-2 Features:lets for powerful bass extension with fewer wiresHassle-free setupPlug n play functionalityCompatible with choose Klipsch Energy Mirage and Jamo subwoofers equipped with a WA PortUp to 4 WA-2’s may be used at the same time in an average size household The two-part kit consisting of a transmitter and.

KEF Q400 Front Firing Powerful – Black Ash (Single)

The last ingredient of your new home theater system, or listening room, should be a seriously powerful subwoofer. In other words, the Q400b subwoofer. The Q400b features a closed box design housing a 10 inch bass driver, driven by a 200W on-board Class-D amplifier. This subwoofer creates spectacular bass imagery that eloquently fills any room with undistorted, fast-reacting bass. Anchoring your whole sound performance in an all-embracing feeling of immediacy, the Q400b completes your acoustic picture.

Onkyo SKW204 Bass Reflex Powered (Black) vs MTX Audio FPR12-04 review

Impress yourself with the earth-shakingly realistic bass pumped out by this 230W subwoofer. Lots is filled into LFEs (Low Frequency Emissions), which you may be able to find in more and more movies and music these days. Rest guaranteed, you will not miss a thing with the SKW-204. Features like crossover control and a phase invert switch let you good-tune the bass output from this subwoofer to go with the large range of speakers on the market.

Sunfire XTEQ 12" High Performance

The big breakthrough features of the XTEQ are its proven tracking down converter amplifier, its long throw, high back-electromotive force drivers, and its completely auto room equalizer. Taken together, these distinctive features supply these subwoofers with as much bass as you could get from some number of 15 inch drivers mounted in a cabinet the size of a small refrigerator. Defining the standard of quality today, the XTEQ series also brings a suite of premium audiophile features to the table, like advanced auto turn-on circuitry, Anti-Walking Tread Design FeetTM, gold plated connectors, soft clipping circuitry, and variable crossover level and phase control, making the XTEQ the foundation for any great home theater and audio system.

SSV Works Jeep Wrangler TJ Center Console Enclosure designed for a Thin 10 Speaker vs MTX Audio FPR12-04 price

All SSV Works Subwoofer Enclosures are specially molded to fit your car while leaving a factory look. They’re custom intended for maximum speaker sound quality and speaker volume in an open air environment. The 100 fiberglass construction removes enclosure resonance and gives maximum durability. The SSV Works Jeep Wrangler TJ 10″ Subwoofer enclosure mounts inside your factory console for a discreet installation. It gives a storage tray at the top for small things while keeping the factory locking system intact. (THIS CONSOLE WORKS WITH THE 2 part CENTER CONSOLE ONLY, IF YOUR CENTER CONSOLE IS 1 part THIS ENCLOSURE won’t WORK) All Subwoofer enclosures ship with a texture coated black finish to go with your factory interior but may also be custom painted to go with you vehicles paint scheme they include stainless steel mounting hardware and easy do-it yourself information. This SSV Works Subwoofer Enclosure fits a 10″ speaker (NOT INCLUDED) with a maximum depth of 3 1/2″ and mounting diameter of 9 1/8″ it’ll work with all years of Jeep TJ’s mounting to present places so no extra drilling to the car is needed (console modification will be obliged if your car wasn’t equipped with the factory subwoofer provision. ).

Energy Energy Power 10 Sub 10-Inch Front Firing Rear Ported (Black)

To complete your home theater, a subwoofer is crucial. The Energy Power 10 Sub kicks out robust bass with a 10-Inch driver with 100 watts of power. This bad boy will not only let you hear the powerful kick drum or rumbling earthquake, however allows you to feel them too. With line and speaker level inputs, they can connect to nearly any surround or stereo system with flexibility and ease. Pair the Energy Power 10 Sub with the immersive sound of any of our speakers and experience home audio entertainment like never before.

JBL SRX828SP Dual Self-Powered, System, 18" vs MTX Audio FPR12-04 reviews

A full suite of User Controllable DSP driven by the SRX800 Series powerful onboard 400MHz Sharc DSP will include 20 PEQ”s, 2 seconds of delay, signal generators, Input mixing, amplifier monitoring, and 50 User Presets. Also, the system can integrate V5 JBL Tunings compatibility with our flagship Vertec and VTX touring systems. An integrated LCD screen supports fast setup and configuration.

What people considered before buying FPR1204:
  1. Atrend 12SME B Box Series 12-Inch Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure
  2. KnuKonceptz KCA Complete 4 Gauge Amp Installation Kit
  3. BOSS AUDIO KIT10 17 ft. High Performance RCA Interconnect
  4. Boss Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with High Performance RCA Interconnect and Speaker Wire
  5. PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter
  6. ASC Ford F250 or F350 Super Crew Cab Truck 2001-2014 Dual 12″ Subwoofer Custom Fit Sub Box Speaker Enclosure

Models to consider:
SC8000 DE6617PSW-6 DBDK910D4Dynamo 300 PLPW6D
PLCHW15 hs7ca 13906ZXA1SUB120V AM5535-BSub-12HG Piano-15
SBX101 BTA10100FHCMiniMe FF8_V2 SC6000PSWI225 SUB-1000
SC4000 TS-404WWSR110WA2 LSR6312SPTSSW2002D2 80-DDP12BG
Dynamo 500 RW-12dPLMRBS10 SWFBR100/BB-10d SUB-800
C124 ESW-M6RW-12d SBC3280-DDP18BG CSW155
THUMP18S PV118DStudio 550P TSSW2002D2REF8GB DSW PRO 440 WI
BB104D cl69SUB12F SUB-1000WWSR110WA2 Q400B
10C15D4 PC13-UltraSW310 PLCHW15B1500D-PRO AS8B-230V
MS40DR IHT 4000K6 12D2 SF150C09DS12EQ1-BK PSW8
SW-8MK2 RTX108PSWI225 MAW1004SC4000 Dynamo 300
NX-BAS-500 Dynamo 1500XTSWH500A Piano-128W3V3-4 ZXA1SUB120V
V12Black CW2122RWSUB-8 SW310B1500D-PRO Impact-12
R-110SW B-10dPLTB8 SKW204PW1055USX YST-SW215PN
AM1225-C 4 TSSW2002D2BB104D Dynamo 1500XSWR-M100 HDS10
80-OPT12RB MKIV-12LSR6312SP AA3155-ASUB-1500 PSW8
Piano-12 WX65XQ400B VE-28SES150PBK PSW108
R115SWAUDB6 RTX108NS-SW300PN SC8000B1800D-PRO Dynamo 300
PL212DS YST-SW012BLWF2510 RM112D4SUB15D AM1052-C 4


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